Timeline of the Groveland Area

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         Many of the people and events of early Florida are connected with or affected the area of today's South Lake County and Groveland, so much of them are included in these early sections.
         For information concerning those that directly contributed to the founding of Groveland, you can skip to the below section: 1850s - 1880s: EARLY GROVELAND AREA.

Pre 1700s:

      1400s and Before - The Timucua Tribe in Lake County

      1492-1562 - Early Spanish and French Explorers

      1565-1763 - The Spanish Takes Back Control of Florida

      1700s - The Formation of the Seminole Tribe

      1754-1763 - French and Indian War

      1763 - British Occupation

      1775-1783 - Revolutionary War

      1783-1821 - The Return of the Spanish

      1812 - The War of 1812

      1816-1819 - The First Seminole War

      1819 - The United States Receives the Florida Territory from Spain

      1830 - Indian Removal Act

      1830s-1870s - The Swamp Fox of Okahumpka and Bugg Spring

      1835-1842 - The Second Seminole War

      1845 - Florida Becomes a State

      1840s - Anchors Away and All Aboard! - First Stop: Umatilla


         Long before the City of Groveland was incorporated, many pioneers were already arriving and establishing rural settlements.
         While many of these early settlements disappeared and others never flourished, they all contributed in some way to the founding and success of Groveland.
         Since many of the people living in the rural areas outside of Groveland contributed to the city throughout the years and are kin to many of the original families, their histories are also a part of Groveland's history.
         Many of our rural neighbors would go to Groveland to work, shop, and eventually go to school, so while they might not live within the city limits, they have always considered Groveland their hometown.

      1851 - Tuscanooga and Slone Ridge - William Slone and Daniel Sloan

      1855-1858 - The Third Seminole War

      1861-1865 - The War of Northern Aggression (Civil War)

      1862-1866 - The Homestead Act

      1860s - Midway

      1867-1899 - Brown's Ford Schoolhouse - Simon T. Brown and The Daniels

      1867 - The Lost City of Eva - John Judy

      1868-1894 - Bay Lake

      1869 - Carter's Island

      1870s - Cherry Lake

      1871 - Empire and the First Church of South Lake - James Knight

      1874-1888 - Monte Vista

      1870s - The Turpentine Industry Comes to South Lake

      1875-1885 - Mascotte - J. W. Payne

      1880s - The King of Villa City

      1885 - A. L. Stuckey


      1885-1889 - The Orange Belt Railway Comes to Towns

      1887 - The Formation of Lake County

      1887 - Dukes Cemetery

      1880s-1940s - A History of Citrus Labels

      1880s - Oak Tree Union Cemetery

      1880s - Greenwood Cemetery

      1880s - Edgewood Cemetery

      1890 - The Taylor Brothers and Taylorville

      1895 - Oak Hill Baptist Church

      1895 - The Great Florida Freeze

      1898 - The Spanish-American War

      1899 - A New Era - E. E. Edge

      1900s - Citrus and Celebrities - The Kurharske Family of Bay Lake

      1904 - The Second Church and School of Taylorville

      1906 - Everett and Cora Sampey - Sampey Road

      1909 - History of the Methodist Church

1910s - 1980s: EARLY GROVELAND

      1911-1922 - The Beginnings of Groveland and the End of Taylorville - John W. Beach

      1914-1918 - World War I

      1916-1941 - Life of a Salesman - J. Ray Arnold and The Saw Mill

      1917 - Charles Anderson - The Accidental Real Estate Mogul

      1918 - Groveland's Third School is The Best of The Best

      1919 - Zion Lutheran Church

      1920 - Sherman Drawdy and the Groveland Bank

      1920s-1979 - Albert Blue and the Edgewood School

      1922 - The Town of Groveland Becomes Incorporated

      1922 - First Baptist Church of Groveland

      1923 - L. D. Edge becomes the youngest Speaker of the House of Florida

      1923-1926 - Tried and Failed Businesses

      1923-1986 - Groveland High School Photos

      1924 - Elim Baptist Church

      1929 - The Great Depression

      1935 - There's No Oil in Them Swamps

      1937-1993 - Groveland High School - New and Improved

      1938 - Edmond "Darrel" Cashwell and the Manhattan Project

      1939-1945 - World War II

      1940s-1980s - Citrus Is King

      1945 - The Groveland Four

      1950s - New Roads Lead to Home

      1953-1984 - Campbell's Bait Farm

      1958-1989 - Fire Chief Willie Morgan

1980s - 2020s: MODERN GROVELAND

      1984-1994 - The Return of the Freezes

      1993 - The End of an Era - South Lake High School

      2001 - September 11th and the Watson Brothers

      2002 - Hope International Church

      2004 - A Flip of the Coin - Sloan VS. Flynn

      2007 - The Groveland Historical Society and Museum - Marilyn Gammon Smith

      2010 - GHSM

      2010-Present - It's Growing Out of Control!

      2011 - Miniature of the 1937 GHS - Dan Michelle

      2011 - Councilman Allan Sherrod Breaks SCUBA Record at Lake David

      2021, August 13th and 14th - An Artist Returns - David Campos

Notable Figures

     L. Day Edge was Groveland's first mayor and the youngest Florida Speaker of the House in 1923, while residing in Groveland. 





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