1939-1945 - World War II

1939-1945 - World War II

   World War II took many Lake County men to war.
   A Home Guard was established which combed the evening skies for enemy planes.

   The civilian effort was strong in support of the war. Lake County was famous for the number of war bonds sold here and scrap metal collected. In fact, the first war bond sold in the United States was sold in Leesburg.

   Like all Americans, Groveland citizens were asked to recycle and contribute to the war materials, purchase savings bonds, and ration gasoline, nylon, etc.
   Groveland citizens volunteered for many branches of the military service, while women left the home to fill the jobs vacated by military volunteers.

   Lake County was the site of a Prisoner of War camp during the Second World War, as well.

   In 1947, WW II returning veterans caused the Baby Boomer's generation to explode, increasing Groveland's population by 50% to 1,028 citizens.

1949 - A New Bank

   After back-to-back bank failures, during and following the Great Depression and WW II, it would be 20 years before Groveland residents would have a secure place to save and borrow money.
   In 1949, town leaders organized a bank under the leadership of Joe Fairchild who became its first president.
   During this time, he would also serve a term as mayor. Among his many achievements, he pushed for residential mail delivery.
   In addition to his civic involvement and church leadership, he was also a devoted husband and father of six children.
   He continued as its leader for the next 15 years until his untimely death at age 46.

[Contributors: Mary Helen Myers, Jason Brown, Richard Helfst]

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