2004 - A Flip of the Coin - Sloan VS. Flynn

2004 - First African-American Mayor

   The City reached another historical milestone with the election of its first African-American Mayor, James Smith, in Nov 2004.

2004 - A Flip of the Coin - Sloan VS. Flynn

   Also in the year 2004, a shiny silver dollar was used to decide a deadlocked election between G.P. Sloan, a retired 77 year old minister, and Richard Flynn, a 75 year old retired hardware store owner. Mr. Sloan won the flip calling tails, and Richard said he had no problems about it. This coin toss ends a lengthy campaign between two candidates strongly divided with regard to the city's plans for growth. At this time the city is still a mostly rural community of 4,600.

[Contributors: Mary Helen Myers, Jason Brown]

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