1984-1994 - The Return of the Freezes

1984 - The Return of the Freezes

   Groveland's economy was highly dependent upon the citrus industry. The devasting freezes of the eighties caused an economic downturn, as many long time citrus growers lost their groves and were unable to recover.
   As the citrus industry began to move farther south to a warmer climate, many citrus growers begin to sell out the land to housing developers, while some began to use the land for raising cattle.

   Developers used annexations to increase the city of Groveland to 350 acres, approximately increasing the city limits by 20% in size.
   This was the first major addition to the city limits since it was founded in 1922.
   Despite the citrus industry decline, the cities' population increased to approximately 1,992.

1994 - First Female Mayor

   In November of 1994, a landmark was achieved with the election of Groveland Council Member and first female Mayor, Doris Thompson, a descendent of early 1867 settler, Simon Thomas Brown.

2000s - Uncontrolled Growth

   Sixteen separate annexations, involving several developers, increased the city limits by another 165 acres (over 50%) by the turn of the 21st century. Population within the city limits increased by 15% by the year 2000 to an approximate total of 2,300 citizens.

[Contributors: Jason Brown, Richard Helfst]

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