1922 - The Town of Groveland Becomes Incorporated

1922 - The City of Groveland Becomes Incorporated

   In 1911, J. W. Beach arrived in Taylorville and purchased 33,000 acres of land, part of which he developed under the name "Groveland Farms". By around 1912, many people began to refer to Taylorville as Groveland.
   Beach, together with E. E. Edge, decided that the name of the town should be officially changed to Groveland, as it was sounded much more attractive to investors and land buyers.

   In 1922, the town of Groveland was incorporated.
   Groveland was incorporated on March 31, 1922, at a mass meeting in the school auditorium.
   The first recorded minutes of a town meeting occurred on April 17, 1922.
   Lacy Day Edge at 21 yrs. old, was elected the towns first Mayor, with his father E. E. Edge, as Council President.

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[Contributors: Mary Helen Myers, Jason Brown]

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