1887 - Dukes Cemetery

1874 - The Daniels and Dukes Families

   George Washington Dukes, who married Sarah Ann Lastinger, arrived to the area in 1874. Their daughter Cassidina married John Wesley Daniels.

   John Daniels and his wife, Cassidina (Dukes) had squatter's rites to property west of Lake David which he sold to E. E. Edge, after Edge's arrival in 1899.
   John and Cassidina, then purchased property on Villa City Road. Old land deeds show both marking an "X" for their signatures.
   When Cassidina's father, George Washington Dukes, died, in 1887, he was buried on the Daniels family property in what is known today as Dukes Cemetery. It is believed that he was the first one buried in the cemetary.
   The nearby Dukes Lake was also named after the Dukes family.

   Daniel Sloan was also buried there in 1888.

   Today's Lake Catherine was originally known as Cemetery Lake, because of its proximity to the Dukes Cemetery.

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